75 Years of Batman in one infographic

Batman sure has changed over the years. Salvador Anguiano covers all of Batman’s masks over the past 75 years.


Full image here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17974171/Batman-Poster-Posse



10 reasons why the “10 reasons to ban handheld devices” article is wrong, stupid

Great rebuttal. For tonal reference, includes the term basement dwellers and iBads.

No, Strike That

There is a horrible article making the rounds right now from HuffPost written by the new self-appointed leader of the “Save the Children” crusade, Cris Rowan.And this time, she’s after our iPhones! Get the pitchforks Cleetus, we’re gonna have an angry mob!

I feel horrible for even doing this, because rule number 1 of the Internet is “Don’t Feed the Trolls”. Still,if you want to see what bad science looks like when it’s covered in citations you should go read this article (nostrikethat, 2014).

The short version (although it’s hard to summarize a listicle) is that “technology” is destroying the brains of our children and OH GOD WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Technology is defined as “cell phones, internet, iPads, TV”(The stupid article, 2014), which is good because I would hate to have to rip out my toilets. Lucky for the Nostrikethat household, Poop Vanishing Technology is exempt!


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Man of Steely Destruction


Saw Man of Steel with PopCap. Yah PopCap! My review, with no spoilers is:


The acting is universally good. The script is choppy as hell. The action is well staged, though the devastation wrought and Superman’s indifference to it is horrifying. WBros obviously took to much to heart from the criticism of Superman Returns.

I wanted more Clark Kent, and Pa Costner. Amy Adams is robbed of screen time.

I wanted less CGI fighting, and more reasons to care. I was aghast at the casual treatment of the terrible destruction wrought and Superman’s indifference to it. Oh look, I’ll just punch General Zod through a building and murder thousands of people. WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE.

Still, Russell Crowe is very good, even with the ridiculous hand waving at doors. Michael Shannon is very impactful as Zod. Cavill is great as Supes and I rooted for him. The flashbacks are where the lost heart of the movie reside.

Not sure if I want Snyder back for MoS 2. Perhaps Brad Bird might be available?